Features Of Kashi Gomti Shared Gramin Bank Mini Statement

The Kashi Gomti shared Gramin Bank Mini Statement is a personalized statement form which can be personalized with the client’s information. It helps in producing a letter, which is printed on the Gramin Bank web site in unique format. It has the features of a signature block, highlighted name block, font, dotted line for biographical data and survey for loans. It also has the personalization features like email address, address etc.

The Kashi Gomti shared Gramin Bank Mini Statement is a record card, which is used for issuing bank statements. It is used for the purpose of maintaining financial records for various purposes like bank overdraft, medical bills, utility bills, etc. It has a manual option as well. It is much more handy than the original mini statement that you can get from your local bank or credit union. It is helpful for those who are on the move.

A key feature of this form is that it is produced without any human intervention. As a result, you do not have to sit in front of a computer all day long to perform the tasks of proof reading, signatures etc. It is also a fully automated card production, which helps to save you a lot of time and energy. You can have the same statements every month and also receive SMS alerts if there is any change in the statement. The most important benefit of this form is that it is extremely easy to handle and you do not have to invest any money for its production.

It is available for regular customer’s account. It has certain additional features like right to verify, summary of statement, request for statement, electronic messages, etc. The last and the best feature is that it gives you complete control over the documents so that you can always edit them and add your own information to them.

It is also available for the services rendered by the local authority, wherein you can receive all notices, audited statements and even the receipt reports electronically. It is available for all the services related to real estate, agricultural land, tax exemption etc.

The Kashi Gomti shared Gramin Bank Mini Statement is available in letter size format for signatures and in A4 page format for the addresses. It is available for the activities conducted in terms of duty of a home maker, agricultural lands, power companies, educational institution, library etc. This form has the features of personalization, machine processing and automatic proof reading.

The first thing that you should know about the Kashi Gomti shared Gramin Bank Mini Statement is that it is also the paper of choice of the most respected companies. It is also highly secure as it is a binder type where the signatures are marked so that it is easier to verify the document later on. The form is recognized all over the world and has a high level of security.

The Gramin Bank web site offers numerous other services and features like savings calculator, customized auto financing etc. It has all the features of a bank which makes it different from other banking options.

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