How Do Invisible Braces Compare To Traditional Braces?

If you’ve heard of invisible braces then you may well have come across Invisalign, one of the leading manufacturers of invisible braces. But what are the benefits of invisible braces, either from Invisalign or anyone else? The word invisible is a pretty good indication of what one of the chief advantages is from Invisalign braces, but it isn’t the only advantage, and it’s well worth being completely clear about how invisible braces or clear braces differ from traditional braces, and what you can expect from the process.

Having braces fitted at any age can often be the result of a great deal of thinking, worrying and wondering, and it certainly isn’t an easy decision for anyone to make. Advantage of Traditional Braces are often worn for a couple of years or more, and if this is during a period where someone is taking their first steps towards adulthood, it can be extremely awkward because of how traditional braces look. There are no hiding traditional braces, because every time you open your mouth to talk, to eat or to smile, people are going to notice the metalwork more than anything else.

So one of the clear advantages that come from wearing invisible braces from a company such as Invisalign is that people will not notice that you are wearing braces unless they deliberately look at your teeth. Therefore for many people, the deciding factor on whether to wear invisible braces or traditional braces is the fact that people are unlikely to notice that they are wearing braces at all.

But what of the other benefits and differences which clear braces have to offer? One of the other key factors to consider is the fact that invisible braces are worn for a much shorter period. With traditional braces, you can expect to have to wear them for at least two years or more. However, with invisible braces from Invisalign, you need only have them in for a matter of months.

So as well as being virtually invisible, modern clear braces can also get the job done in a fraction of the time. How is this achieved? The answer is very simple, because effectively with traditional braces you are given one pair of braces to wear for the duration of the experience. But with clear braces, you only wear the first set you are given for about two weeks.

Throughout the entire period, you are wearing clear braces, you will usually be required to revisit your dentist every two weeks, at which point you will be given a replacement set of Invisalign braces. Each subsequent set of invisible braces will be very slightly different from the previous set, helping to increase the pressure on teeth to move.

Imagine if you were to stand in one place in a room pushing against a cardboard box. If the box is very close to you then you will be able to push it easily, to begin with, but as the distance increases between you and the box your ability to push it lessens.

This is roughly what takes place with traditional braces. But because clear braces are replaced at regular intervals it is a little bit more like taking a step forward each time a new set of braces is provided, decreasing the distance between you and the imaginary box, providing you with the ability to apply consistent pressure in a consistent direction.

Although the benefits of wearing invisible braces from companies such as Invisalign are clear to see, or rather invisible, there are still other advantages and benefits, which I will cover in my next article.

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